Hiring Your Brand

Hiring is one of the most important and most difficult things to do as a business leader. Especially when resources are limited and talent is scarce. But we know it’s critical. How do we do it?

Don’t start with the end in mind. Start with your brand in mind. You internal culture has direct implications on your customer and product.

Define what matters to your culture. What do you want it to feel like in the office? Focused? Collaborative? Challenging? Fast? Pensive? All of it shifts your focus.

So define what you’re looking for first. Because you can’t find what you haven’t defined.

BTW…defining who you are will help you attract the right people to…when you market what makes your environment special.

Quick tip. Find people who apply pressure to themselves. Not those that wait for you to apply it.

Finding smart people is the biggest boost you’ll ever get for your teams.

BONUS: Here’s some questions you can ask yourself as you begin to define this:

  • What type of person fits best in your environment?
  • What words best describe the kind of person you’d like to hire?
  • What’s their ideal past experience? Not future ideas. Past experience.
  • What about your environment are you hoping they improve?