3 Critical Website Strategy Tips

Website design is complex. There are so many things to consider. If you get stuck, start with these 3 critical elements: 

  1. Clear Call To Action: Pick your most important call to action -- what you want your consumer to do -- and have it bold and in front of everyone
  2. Remove Jargon: Be careful with the language you use. Consumers don't really care how smart you are, they care how much you're going to help them. Jargon creates a barrier you don't want to have to cross.
  3. Make it Scan-able: Make sure your headers (big bold type) tell a story all by themselves. Read those in a sentence first in every page. See if it connects. If not, simplify and connect those first

Ultimately your goal on your website is to show your expertise as a guide for their journey. Not as a megaphone to tell your story. Your consumer is always asking the question: "What's in it for me?" Don't make them work for the answer on your site.