Move Easy

Move Easy offers brokerages a free, branded service that allows their homeowner clients to access a comprehensive home management dashboard. They connect homeowners with core real estate services like insurance and mortgage but also help organize every detail of a move and set up a place to manage the entire home. Stress-free moves for everyone!


  • StoryBrand Strategy
  • Website Build
  • Hubspot: Integration,
  • Sales and Marketing Workflows
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Creation


Move Easy had a great logo and momentum but needed more insight into their brand to be able to effectively reach their two target audiences of moving homeowners and brokerages. In addition, to support a fundraising round. They needed to set up the mechanics of their messaging campaigns but also to develop creative content to engage the audience once it reached their inboxes, feeds, and browsers.


Homeowners don’t move very often and only a small percentage ever return to their previous agent. This means agents have to put all their energy into finding new clients. But helping homeowners save time and money during a move, while keeping their agent front of mind means happier clients who come back and refer family and friends.


Move Easy’s dashboard is easy to use, comprehensive, and intuitive because it was designed by real estate professionals who poured their knowledge into a product that would shake up the real estate process. Through emails, web, and social messaging we positioned Move Easy as an incredible tool that equally improves the lives of homeowners and boosts brokerages’ business.


Their website launched in time with their PR push for funding, leading to 100 leads. Since then their email campaigns have established trust within the real estate industry by highlighting big-name partners, integration capabilities, saved homeowner hours, saved homeowner dollars, and industry savvy.