LOUD Capital

LOUD Capital is a venture capital firm comprised of entrepreneurs who started this company with a focus on opening up venture capital to include a diverse group of founders or investors. They are on a mission to leverage the power of venture capital and entrepreneurship to improve people’s lives and solve the world’s biggest problems by helping investors, entrepreneurs, and emerging managers learn, invest, build and grow impactful and profitable companies.


  • StoryBrand Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Graphic Creation
  • Video Editing 
  • Video Capture + Strategy 
  • Podcast: Strategy, Capture, Production, Launch


The expert team at LOUD had a lot of ideas and energy but since they were busy growing other companies, they had no time to invest in their own company’s brand. They needed a team to help them connect to their audience, grow awareness, and establish themselves as trusted experts in the VC industry.


The world of entrepreneurship and venture capitalism can be difficult to navigate. It’s hard to know who you can rely on to help move your business forward in a way that’s catered to your business. Entrepreneurs need to find those investors that have the experience they lack and a passion that matches their own.


Starting with the StoryBrand strategy, we created a social, video, and graphic strategy that showcased not only LOUD's authority in the VC space but also their humanity. We crafted a strategy that highlights why the founders created their business and what makes any business successful - the people.


The solidifying of their brand, along with their launch into social media and podcasting now allows them to share their knowledge so entrepreneurs can feel educated, empowered, and confident that they have found a trustworthy VC partner that cares and believes in them.