Exact Benefits

Exact Benefits is a medicare broker that believes everyone deserves to have the right healthcare information and coverage. They are dedicated to making sure their clients are educated on all their options so they can stop feeling stressed over coverage and get back to enjoying this next chapter in their lives!


  • Naming
  • Logo Design 
  • Website Build
  • StoryBrand Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy 
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Creation
  • Video Editing 
  • Video Capture + Strategy 
  • On-going Fractional CMO Support


This team has all the healthcare knowledge you could ever want but when it came to building a brand from scratch, they needed some help. They knew their company could have a big positive impact on people’s lives and they needed to make sure their message got to the right audience and proved to them that they are experts that care about their health and quality of life.


Finding the right Medicare coverage is confusing. Trying to find the right coverage for your health, future needs, and financial situation can become overwhelming to the average person which is why they need someone they can trust to help them make the right decision. People don’t trust the healthcare system or insurance, but Exact Benefits is here to change their minds.


We designed a clean, straightforward look and paired it with messaging that gave potential clients easy-to-digest information with a clear process. They have a strategy that always puts education first to show that their first priority is using their expertise to help their clients improve their lives.


Exact Benefits now has a complete brand with logo, visuals, and messaging. With the addition of social media strategy, we are now able to get their message out to their target audience in a consistent way so potential clients can learn from them and restore their faith in finding a healthcare partner who cares for them.